New art in the works!

As the wood stove crackles and the outside world is muffled by the foot of fresh powder on my rooftop..


Well.. well.. well! And, of course.. WELCOME!!

Finally, some new work going on in the bus! Mostly studying up on, and documenting the appearance of my personal houseplants right in this moment.. or rather, in the moment I decided to turn them all artsy!


Guadalupe Peak, the high point in Texas; the sight I saw early the morning I returned from gathering fresh water. 8749′ ASL


Eastern hemlock; study of local, native species.


Spider plant.. was a beautiful gift!


Spruce cone
Spruce cone. Found on a wintery snowshoe around the White Mts


Fittonia (nerve plant) leaf, needs some color!


One terribly etiolated echeveria


Alligator plant.. was a generous gift!


Alberta Spruce. Will grow 10ft in 10years.


Hoya Carnosa.. also a gift! My first plant ever.. and still grows loud and proud!


Echeveria, when viewed from above.


Summit in the Forest (reminds me of the Grateful Dead artwork..)


As always, thanks for checking my new work out.. before you know it, I’ll have some way for you to sport your favorite plants and show your love for Summit – my solar powered art bus/tiny home on wheels..

I don’t mind if I stayed snowed in here until the Spring thaw comes along!

Like what you saw, but didn’t see what you would have liked? Shoot me a message, there may be some delay in getting custom orders back to you, but let me know now (on the form below!) and I can surely make your illustration dreams come true!   :o)

Warmest regards, and happiest of holidays!

     – Erik + Summit