2013, 4pc Arrow Montage

2013, Aerosol on canvas.

Worked with client to perfectly match color palette to existing sofa/cushion combination, expectations were exceeded, received rave reviews from client in Alabama.

4arrows - 01










After many edits using Adobe Illustrator, found the color scheme and design that exceeded client expectations.










Client provided color swatches which were matched perfectly.










Painters tape was used to avoid over-spray from aerosol paint.










Most lines were crisp while any touch-ups were performed with fine brush once tape was removed.










Varying colors were laid down together, providing a fine fade effect. The outcome was truly stunning!


Another happy customer – receiving notes of praise are always perks of the job!

Thanks for checking out my 4-pc aerosol canvas set! It sure was a real joy to watch evolve from idea on a computer screen onto canvas, color by color!

Interested in something similar for your home, office or perhaps a gift for a friend or loved one? Let me know what ideas you have and I am positive I can create a mind-blowing conversation piece for you! Feel free to email here with any ideas or quotes, thanks!