A Most Delicious Recovery: RecovHERB Plus+, by Runners High Herbals

Sometimes after a run, I like to treat myself.

RecovHerBanana Plus+

And sometimes after a really long run, I really like to treat myself! During certain times of the year, Ciara and I can be found splitting a whole juicy melon or four (watermelon is our go to when in season!!), or popping a colorful handful of grapes – this is our favorite way to rehydrate, while coconut water is of course – a very close runner-up!

While it might feel the most refreshing to gulp down 15 liters of cashew milk (I’m sure someone out there reading this is thinking to themselves “Whaaa? PshhhH!!! Give me all the colas!”), our bodies need more than just liquids after a hard run or hike, we crave fuel to help rebuild our torn, but ‘lovingly’ abused muscles.

Most folks know that shortly after ending a strenuous work out, we need to replenish our muscle reserves (with sweet potato, cucumber, melon, bananas, raw nuts & seeds), but also a “not-so-often-thought-of” powdered superfood supplement can help boost recovery rates post-exercise.

Once again, Runners High Herbals came through!

In a whirl-wind of their herbal wizardry, all of the finest superfood powders were exquisitely blended together into one shiny silver tin – mess-free and conveniently small to transport to your post-event celebration!

While the names of these all-natural ingredients may prove to be a mouthful, the benefits they have to offer the body are remarkable:turmeric

  • Turmeric Root Powder – used for over 4000 years to aid in digestion – perfect after pounding out miles on the trails (or perhaps on the anti-climactic treadmill, if that’s all the weather outside will permit!), this relative of ginger also crushes inflammation throughout the body, just what your achy muscles and joints crave after an afternoon of punishment on the pavement!
  • Ashwagandha Root Powder – also known as Indian Ginseng for the previous 3000 ashwagandhayears, has been known as an ‘Adaptogen’ by helping the body manage stress, reduce cortisol, fight symptoms of depression and anxiety, boost brain function, and also beat the heck out of inflammation (also being studied in breast, lung, colon, Maca Rootand brain cancer by promoting destruction of cancer cells!! Woohoo!).
  • Maca Powder – this cruciferous veggie root (yes.. related to broccoli, cabbage and kale) has been known for many years as the Peruvian Ginseng! Growing in ranges from 7000’ to 13,000’, the medicinal root works marvelously to improve mood, reduce blood pressure and fight those pesky free radicals, previous studies of the plant have shown suggestions of increased libido – helping to make your post-ultra-marathon an eventful one!!
  • Ceylon Cinnamon – the best dang cinnamon out there! Most folks don’t even know there is a cinnamon“true” cinnamon, as opposed to the commonly consumed, widely distributed Cassia Cinnamon. Both varieties of cinnamon come from strips of the dried inner bark, after the woody parts have been removed. This powerful anti-oxidant also protects the body from free radicals, reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing LDL cholesterol and stabilizing HDL cholesterol levels. This form of cinnamon has also been known to lower fasting blood sugar. While Ceylon is on the pricier side of the two cinnamon varieties, Ceylon is currently being studied for cancer prevention and Alzheimer’s by inhibiting protein build up in the brain. Everyone needs some Ceylon Cinnamon in their day!!Ginger Root
  • Ginger Root Powder (as gingerly mentioned above) is a relative of turmeric, also containing many astounding health benefits in fresh or powdered root (the RecovHerb Plus+ powder contains ginger in the powder form..)! Dating back to ancient Greeks, ginger has also been used to aid indigestion, reduce nausea and inflammation, and has been shown to inhibit the growth of pathogens in the mouth that cause inflammation of the gums! The lady runners out there can also benefit from gingers’ ability to act as effectively as Ibuprofen, reducing pain and cramping due to menstruation!
  • White Pepper – also has a slew of health benefits which can help any outdoor enthusiast – similar to black pepper as they White Pepperare both ‘fruit’ of the pepper plant, white pepper is yet another ingredient from Runners High Herbals that helps digestion (really important when taking in fuel during a long race, or trying to refuel after a big run!), promotes weight loss, this variety of pepper while being known as having a trace increase in “heat” Hemp Extractfrom black pepper, has also been administered to folks with weak eyesight and helping to prevent the advancement of cataracts.
  • 12.5mg Hemp Extract packed into each teaspoon – of which there are many in this little silver tin!

Having used standard Golden Milk concoctions, there is a clear difference to be noticed – best described as a calming, soothing effect on the muscles and joints – I have used after long runs, high elevation gain/loss hikes, crossfit and yoga days: it works wonders so you can continue moving your body when you want to!

I cannot simply list the limitless benefits of the meticulously chosen ingredients in RecovHerb Plus+, so if I left you with more questions than I actually answered, please feel free to comment below, let me know – or even do some research of your own – all of these ingredients are actively being researched, so known benefits are constantly expanding and coming to light. Also, like I have stated in the past – I am clearly not a professional nutritionist or dietitian – I just enjoy doing research on topics that pique my attention, leaving me searching for answers – and in return, I love sharing what I learn with you, to get you questioning everything also!Plant Based Recovery

Let’s get to making the deliciousness happen!

If you are like me, you may or may not have taken a spoonful of Runners High Herbals recovHerb Plus+ and turned your mouth into an ‘off-the-grid’ blender, mixing almond milk and the recommended 1-2 teaspoons of powder, free of all electrical appliances! I have tried other varieties of Golden Milk in similar fashions (just had to get the job done..), and I can honestly say that the RHH blend is the most satisfying – comparable to a home-made ginger snap cookie, soooo good!

But with minimal prep time, a super soothing, cookie-like hug for your taste buds can be made very, very easily (even I can do it!) – and if you have an insulated travel mug, this latte-inspired warm recoverage (recovery+beverage) can be brought anywhere – to the end of your run or the summit on your hike.

  • 8oz of cashew milk (if you are a dairy milk enthusiast, your taste buds – and body – will thank you by using a much healthier “milk” alternative!) I always have Almond, Oat, Cashew or Coconut milk on hand (in the fridge actually) simply because they are the most velvety liquid a glass or mug can hold!* *this may actually not be supported by any scientific evidence what-so-ever
  • 8oz French Press coffee (espresso beans from my local co-op is my daily go to, but Four Sigmatic is a wonderful substitute all day, any day!

(does your travel mug have room to spare? Add more coffee or milk to taste! You’ll be glad you topped it off later!)

What else can I do with my recovHerb Plus+?

Add it to a smoothie or dairy-free “nice cream” with frozen bananas, frozen fruit, and nut milk!

Sprinkle it on your recovery cookies/pastries!

Add it to some warm hot cocoa after doing some outdoorsing!

One epic suggestion that I just got from my girlfriend (she is the brains in the kitchen, I help make things awesome with her!) was using RecovHerb sprinkled into Chia Pudding, which is no-bake, easy to make and super protein-packed (did I mention that we make our Chia Pudding in the fridge – which makes it probably one of the most refreshing treats after a hot run!!).

The benefits of the ingredients Runners High Herbals chose to include in their version of the ancient Golden Milk should be enjoyed daily by everyone, not just mountain folks or ultra-runners! With benefits such as heart health, stabilizing blood sugars, reducing inflammation (naturally!), and overall support for your immune system –

everyone can gain from supplementing their day with a dash of recovHERB Plus+!

If you have any favorite ways of using RecovHerb (or Golden Milk powder – if you haven’t gotten around to trying the Runners High Herbals take on it..seriously, pick some up!!) please throw it in the comments below – I’d love to hear about some fresh, new ideas! And as always feel free to ask away if you have any questions about anything here!

You can also try the Runners High Herbals RecovHerb as well as any of their other epic balms, salves, recovery aids 10% off when you use my discount code at the check out! (Yaaaay!!) And that code would be… ehamilton10

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Thanks y’all, have an awesome day!!



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